Melissa from South Carolina writes: "You are truly amazing!!! I enjoyed my Saturday night because of you. Thank you!!!!!"
Susan from Wisconsin writes: "My friends and I (from Wisconsin) saw you at the Stage and enjoyed your music so much we made a point of heading to Crossroads on Saturday to listen. Hope you make it up our way soon. We'll be on the lookout! BTW, in case you didn't know it, Wisconsin is a hotbed of country music fans!!"
Chris from Kentucky writes: "Anyone who has not been to a Clay Underwood concert, do yourself a favor and go see him!"
Wally from Kentucky writes: "I believe that Clay could be-----and should be---- Nashville's next big star."
Beth from Texas writes: "You rock! You were the highlight of my Nashville trip. Legends was so fun!!"
Wanda from Tennessee writes: "I was at Legends before George Jones Tribute. You are very good singer. Really like that you like doing all the older country songs.Come sing in Dickson Tenn some time. You and your band have amazing talent. Hope to see y'all on the BIG STAGE with every else some day."
Brenda from New York writes: "Clay and the band gave another awesome performance at the Stage on Broadway yesterday. Of all the bands I have seen in Nashville (and I have seen a lot!) they are by far the best, in my opinion, and the best thing about them is that they play GOOD OLD COUNTRY MUSIC- the kind of music I believe should be played in Nashville. They were followed by another band that played something, I guess you might call it "country rock"...unfortunately the emphasis was more on "rock"-the lead singer even stated that he did not want to see "hands raised in the air" what's that all about? So folks, if you want to hear GOOD COUNTRY music, go on Clay's web site and check to see when he will be in Nashville again. You know what else was cool-Clay's wife and kids were in the audience supporting Dad, that was very touching. I hope to see his wife supporting him at the CMA one day, when he is finally discovered."
Sherri from California writes: "All the way from California we saw recently at Legends Corner in Nashville. We were absolutely amazed at his beauty voice and his kind personality from start to finish. Clay took time to greet each and every person in the place. He shook our hands from the stage as we walked out and allowed a quick picture of my mom with him while performing. We look forward to watching this man rise on the country music charts. Looks forward to seeing you when ever your in California."
Gabe from Canada writes: "Saw Clay at Legends in Nashville a couple of weeks ago, this guy is amazing. Bought his CD when he came down on a break, best purchase of the vacation."
James from Ohio writes: "My wife and I saw you at The Stage on Friday. Really enjoyed your show. Definitely a class act and what true country music is about. We look forward to having an opportunity to watch another one of your shows."

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